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Conversational English




12 Weeks

Abstract Pattern 31

About the Course

Welcome to a new kind of English course!

Talk a Lot is a great new way to learn spoken English, and quite a departure from thestandard ELT course book. Instead of spending hours reading and writing, students have theopportunity to engage in challenging and fun speaking and listening activities with theirfriends.On this course students learn how to think in English as well as Talk a Lot!

The Talk a Lot course objectives are very simple:

• Every student talking in English

• Every student listening to and understanding English

• Every student thinking in English, and

• Every student taking part in class

Talk a Lot is structured so that every student can practise and improve English grammar,vocabulary, pronunciation, intonation, word and sentence stress, and interpersonal skills, byworking in pairs, groups and one to one with the teacher.

The main benefits of Talk a Lot are:

• Students have to think in English during lessons in a controlled and focused way

• Students learn how to memorise correct English structures naturally, without abstractand unrelated grammar lessons• Students learn how to construct eight different common verb forms, using positive,negative and question forms, as well as embedded grammar appropriate to theirlevel.

• Students learn 400+ essential vocabulary words by heart

• Students enjoy following a simple and effective method that produces results quicklyThe ten lesson

The verb forms studied are:

Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple,Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Modal Verbs, Future Forms, and First Conditional

The topics are:

Town, Food, Shopping, Health, Transport, Clothes, Work, Family, Home, and Free Time.

Your Instructor

Karol lerma

Karol lerma

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